Geotargeted deals

by ulrikz on March 22, 2011

Now the “big ones” in the daily deals business are going mobile. With Groupon Now, Groupon takes the leap into the mobile world. LivingSocial launched their app some time ago and it is definitly a move in the right direction. It follows the strategies of the companies in serving good deals to people on a daily basis. The great thing about the deals being mobile, though, is that you can get them on the go, just where you are. The mobility just enhances the offering.

I’m sitting in the same office as Rabble, who actually launched their app almost a year ago. It has picked up really well & I really think that the entry of Groupon & LivingSocial (as well as Facebook places) will be beneficial for them. This, since it might bring more maturity to the market and get the bigger chains on board. This will open up also for medium & small business who will see the value of mobility in recruiting new customers & for leveling out peaks in demand.

What do you think? Will this fly long term? I think so.

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