Is Privacy Really an Issue?

by ulrikz on October 18, 2011

The privacy debate has been on since the dawn of internet, but it has accelerated when social platforms started to appear. But, do people really care about privacy issues? When you look at a service like Facebook you might wonder. Most people are aware of the fact that Facebook store all information about you in their social graph. Might not be that it is used on an individual basis, but still everything is there from your sociographic profile to the things you write in your feed.

I think most people will use services despite the fact that a lot of information about them is stored by the service provider, IF the service creates enough value. If the information is misused in any way, however, people might abandon the service quite fast. Facebook and other services are extremely dependent on peoples trust & have to be careful not to misuse that trust (which might be hard when you try to monetize the information in partnerships). But then again, if the user experience is great enough I think privacy is a non issue for most people, or what do you think?

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